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News Update

Dearest clients:


I wanted to share some updates and news about Karizma Salon & Spa.  Please take a few minutes to read the following:



Our instagram account was hacked and we worked very hard to solve that matter.

The problems were solved and you may continue to follow the same account knowing that is safe.


Furthermore, we are working very hard to insure a smooth transition from SB Salon to Karizma Salon to make you feel welcome.


We know a lot of changes had been happening since 2020 and having Sanela leave it has been hard on so many of you, and for me as well.  

Here is a little background about me and our Karizma salon vision.  I’ve been under Sanela wing for 4 and 1/2 years. I’m a licensed Cosmetologist and these are my strengths: 

Sheitel/Wig styling, coloring, repairing and adding hair.

For ladies: Coloring, highlights, lowlights, hair treatment, permanent, and cutting as well as waxing.

For gentlemen: haircut, coloring, permanent. 


While I was working with Sanela, I learned the following services: Blow outs, Color applications, Wigs coloring and stylings, also did schedule management, inventory and opening and closing the store.

In addition, I’m also staying in touch with Sanela for each of your new appointment, so we can go over your likes and dislikes to ensure your comfort and feel welcome at Karizma salon.


Sanela and I are very different people, but one thing we have in common is that we both have kind hearts and I hope eventually you will learn more about me.  Therefore, I’m looking forward getting to know you one by one.  I’m a great listener, but not as great talker like our friend Sanela.


My dream has always been to own a salon just like Sanela’s SB salon and because I believe in blessings come at the right time and the right person, I’m able to fulfill my dream into making it a reality. 

I understand it will be a up hill dream specially during these unprecedented times, but I hope with your support, and having Sanela still by our side, we will build something new.


So, here we are almost a month later and I have to tell you that I have been busy with your wigs, finishing up all the salon papers, training new staff and preparing for passover. 


We have been doing many changes and we know is a lot of changes for you as well, but my first and most important is to make sure you are comfortable and happy at Karizma Salon.

I will post all updates on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and our web site page so feel free to join us.


Thank you for support




Lucy Alvarado

Karizma Salon & Spa Owner


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